Hire A Sales Speaker

Sales Training World is proud to make available best selling sales business book author and Emmy winner Ryan Dohrn as a sales keynote speaker or sales conference speaker for your next event.  

Ryan has speaks 55 times per year on topics ranging from sales leadership to new business developement to exceeding your sales goals. 

Ryan Dohrn is the author of the best-selling business book Selling Backwards and the Founder of Sales Training World.  Ryan has entrenched himself in the sales and marketing business for over 25 years.  He won an Emmy for marketing excellence while working for ABC-TV and Disney. He has also had the unique opportunity to work with the sales & marketing teams at Boeing, the US Army, Club Car, Lockheed Martin, Ford, Bayer, John Deere and other Fortune 500 companies. 

Ryan is an internationally certified business coach, an acclaimed speaker and has been featured in USA Today and on CNN and Forbes.com.  Ryan currently works monthly with over 75 companies and their related sales, marketing and management teams.  His sales strategies have impacted over $500,000,000 in total sales.      

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