Sales training expert Ryan DohrnSales Training World (STW) is owned by Brain Swell Media LLC and was founded by marketing and sales verteran Ryan Dohrn.  (Pictured to left.)  Ryan now serves as Publisher of STW.

STW's mission is to provide top quality sales training and sales coaching to an international audience of sales managers and sales professionals. 

Sales Training World began with a focus on media and technology and has grown to serve the oustide sales training and coaching needs of over 15 industry sectors.

STW Publisher Ryan Dohrn, is the creator of the 360 Sales System.  This system has been taught to over 5,000 sales reps in 7 countries.  For 25 years Ryan has worked for and with world class companies like Disney, John Deere, the US Army and more than 500 other top shelf companies.   He is an Emmy Award winner, business book author and has been featured in USA Today and on Forbes.com.  Ryan currently works on a monthly basis with over 75 companies and their related sales and management teams as a sales training expert and sales coach.

Questions or concerns:  Email Ryan@BrainSwellMedia.com